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Why Does My AC Sound So Funny?

Gone are the days of the old and noisy air
conditioning units. The appliances we have today are quieter and more
efficient. High-efficiency HVACs use sound dampening technology and variable
speed compressors to make sure they don’t create loud noises. If you start
hearing strange noises from your AC, you should not ignore them. It could be a
sign that there is something wrong with your unit.

We can offer help through our Holly Springs NC, HVAC services to address any problems. We will discuss the reasons for these strange sounds. It can help you understand why you should call us immediately if you hear any of these noises.

Reasons for Strange AC Sounds

Here are the reasons for some of the strange
sounds that could be coming from your AC.


If your AC is making shrieking or squealing noises that can send shivers down your spine, it could be a serious problem. These sounds can come through the ductwork and be heard around the house. The chances are that the fan motors or indoor blower motors are not working properly. Malfunctioning blower wheels can start to squeal and could lead to further problems if you don’t address them immediately.


A metallic grinding noise coming from your AC means that there is likely a problem with your compressor. This can happen as it becomes worn out over time. This is the core of your AC, and it is responsible for circulating the refrigerant in your unit. The pistons within your compressor might have worn out and are causing loud grinding noises. The compressor needs immediate replacement, and you need to call a professional to do this.


A rattling or chattering noise from your AC means the whole unit has started to deteriorate. The internal parts of your machine might be loosening up. Any debris caught within the system can also clog your AC and create a rattling sound. Other damaged components like the electrical contacts or compressor could be causing the noise. Sometimes, the fan becomes loose and starts rattling within the housing to create noise.


Clanging sounds are a sign that there is
definitely something loose or out of balance within the unit. The parts within
your unit might have failed, or the compressor itself could be loose. The sound
can also indicate problems with the blower motor or outdoor fan. The loose fan
can start hitting other parts and cause further damage.

Even if your AC continues to cool your home correctly despite the strange sounds, you should call in expert technicians to fix the problems. Letting your AC run with all these issues could lead to more serious damage. Instead of letting things get so bad that you need extensive repairs, you should proactively contact us to fix them.

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