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Late-Season Furnace Repairs to be Wary of

A mistake that many homeowners make when it
comes to their furnaces is that they forget about taking care of the system as
the summer rolls in. You might not need the heating system to keep you toasty
until winter comes around again, but we recommend taking one good look at the
furnace for the last time.

There are several late-season furnace repairs that you should know, so they don’t catch you by surprise when you need to start using it again. To make sure you don’t miss these maintenance requirements, we’ve highlighted a few of the most important ones. Be sure to contact us to schedule our services for heating in Apex, NC , so we can address the problems on time.

Late-Season Furnaces to Look Out

Wiring Problems

Many homes use electric furnaces. These
machines require fewer repairs than traditional gas furnaces over their
lifetime, but they do face some specific issues. Wiring problems are a common
issue with electric furnaces. Vibrations caused by the air handler can render
some wires loose and can trigger a short-circuit if it isn’t fixed.

Heating Element or Burner

The individual heating elements in an electric
furnace can burn out or stop working if there is a problem with the wiring. If
you have a gas furnace, the burner could face issues due to contamination and
not work properly. An issue with the heating element or burner can cause a
noticeable decline in heating.

Faulty Sequencer in Electric
Ignition System

If your furnace has an electric ignition
system, it will have a part called the sequencer. It makes sure that the
different heating elements don’t activate together and overload the electrical
panel. If the sequencer is not working properly, it can lead to one of two

  • Turn on all the elements at once
    and overload the electrical panel
  • Not turn even one of them on

Thermostat Problems

Another late-season furnace repair you might
have to consider is a faulty thermostat connection. Furnaces can lose their
connection to the thermostat at any time. The wires running from the thermostat
to the furnace are responsible for activating the burner or heating elements.
If your furnace loses this connection, you cannot make any adjustments with the
thermostat. You might not be able to turn it on or off without a thermostat

Always Call the Professionals if
You See Signs of Trouble

If your furnace is still producing heat, it
does not necessarily mean it is functioning properly. There are a few tell-tale
signs that can help you determine whether it is developing problems that need
repairs, including:

  • Short-cycling
  • Cool Air
  • The furnace doesn’t startup
  • The furnace is making strange
    sounds on startup

You might feel tempted to try and fix these
issues yourself. However, you can end up damaging the equipment or endangering
yourself. In case your furnace starts to develop any of these problems, you
should contact professional technicians immediately. A qualified technician has
the right training, tools, and expertise to take care of these furnace repairs

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