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Thinking About Replacing Your Air Conditioner?


Temperatures have been a bit all over the place lately, haven’t they? One day we’ll be creeping up toward 80, and the next we’re all the way back down into the 50’s. While there is still some chilly weather ahead of us, it is becoming more and more clear that the heat of summer is heading our way once more. How confident are you in the air conditioner that you use in your home? If you don’t really think that your air conditioner has another year of quality cooling left in it, you had better give us a call sooner rather than later.

Nobody wants to waste money replacing an air conditioning system when doing so is not really necessary. However, you really don’t want to wait for your AC to break down completely before you replace it. Take these tips into consideration, along with these brief descriptions of available air conditioners. When the time comes for an AC replacement in Holly Springs, NC , be sure to dial our number.

When to Replace

Getting the most bang for your buck is a desire that we can relate to. If you really try to push it with your air conditioner, though, you may wind up without an operational cooling system on a day that you need it most. Remember, a planned AC replacement is always preferable to an unexpected emergency. So when should you start to think seriously about replacing your air conditioning system? Well, asking yourself the following questions is a good start.

  • How old is your system ? No AC will last forever. If your air conditioner has served you well for many years, but is now getting quite old, then you may want to replace it. This is especially true if your AC is already beyond its expected lifespan.
  • Are you happy with your system ? Perhaps you rushed into the purchase last time around, or you inherited a system that isn’t of a design you’d have chosen yourself. Whatever the case, your 100% satisfaction should be reason enough to replace.
  • Is your system efficient ? Did you buy a house with an inefficient AC in place? Could you only afford a relatively inefficient system at the time of purchase? Whatever the case, upgrading to a more efficient AC can save you money in the long run.
  • Does your system require frequent repairs ? Unreliability is not really something to put up with in this part of the country. If repair costs are really adding up, remember that just because repairs are possible does not mean that they are worthwhile.

Consider Your Options

There are a lot of home cooling systems on the market today. No system is perfect for everyone. Do your research and be sure to ask questions so that you get the system that’s perfect for you.

  • Central AC : The central air conditioner is the most popular whole-home cooling system, removing heat from the air indoors and redistributing cooled air throughout the house via a system of ductwork.
  • Heat Pumps : The heat pump acts a lot like a central AC, with one huge distinction. The system can reverse its operation to provide incredibly efficient heating in the winter.
  • Ductless Mini Splits : A ductless mini split is actually a type of heat pump. Capable of both heating and cooling, these systems require no ductwork.
  • High Velocity : A high velocity system can cool your home and can be outfitted for heating as well. Using very small, flexible tubing for heat distribution, it is a great option for historic homes or those that otherwise cannot accommodate air ducts.

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