Upgrade Your Heater with a Zone Control System

If you use a forced air heating system, like a furnace or a heat pump, in order to heat your home, you may have realized that heating your entire house to one set temperature throughout is not really the ideal way in which to keep your home warm. You may not need as much heat in the kitchen or crowded den as you do in the kids’ bedrooms, for instance. With a zone control system in Apex, NC, you avoid this issue.

A zone control system must be expertly installed if it is to benefit you fully. That is why you should let the pros on our team handle your zone control system installation. Check out the following information, and let us know if you’re ready to take greater control over the way in which you heat your home.

How It Works

With a zone control system, you have different thermostats installed throughout your home. These thermostats are used to regulate the temperature in their own individual zones. They are wired into a central control panel in the HVAC system. Also wired into this panel are multiple electronic dampers.

These dampers open and close as needed, modulating output in order to achieve and maintain the different temperatures in different rooms or zones. Obviously, installing these dampers properly and ensuring that the system functions correctly is not a DIY-appropriate job. You need to hire a professional to get it done right.

Benefits of Zone Control

Put simply, a zone control system lets you live in greater comfort even as you save energy in your home. Because you can tweak temperatures in warmer areas, let infrequently used rooms cool down more than others, etc., you reduce energy consumption without putting your comfort on the chopping block. It really is a win-win situation.

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