Should I Repair or Replace My Older Furnace?

It can sometimes seem like a point of pride to say that you have a furnace that still works and is more than 20 years old. However, you may be losing money that you aren’t aware of by hanging on to that furnace. Sometimes it can be tough to answer whether or not it’s time to replace your furnace, especially if it’s still working. So to help you, our Ideal Services Heating & Cooling technicians have put together some factors to consider if you think it may be time to replace your heating system in Cary, NC.

It’s How Old?

Age isn’t just a number when it comes to your furnace. The average lifespan of a combustion heating system is 15-20 years; if your system is this old, or older, you may want to start looking around for a replacement. Why? As furnaces age, so do the components. At some point, the system simply won’t be able to operate as it used to, which means you could see a need for repairs, a decrease in energy efficiency and an overall decrease in performance.

You’ve Spent How Much on Repairs?

Has your furnace needed a lot of repairs, or are you looking at costly repairs to keep your system running? Repairs can add up. At some point, you may need to see if the amount of money you are spending on repairs would be better spent on a new, reliable furnace.

Your Energy Bill Is What?

Your furnace was made to operate at a certain level of energy efficiency, but as it ages, attaining this level of energy efficiency becomes harder and harder. Additionally, a system that needs repair also won’t be able to achieve a good level of energy efficiency. The result? High energy bills that can cost you a lot of money. Replacing your system now can help you to save money in the long run.

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