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How to Increase Your Heating System’s Efficiency

The cold weather is on its way in North Carolina. Although we often experience beautiful winters, a beautiful winter here is still a chilly winter, and you’ll need your heater working at its best throughout the season.

We know most homeowners feel concerned about high bills during the heating season. We have some suggestions for ways you can make your heater more efficient and reduce its impact on your bills. These techniques will help you get the most cost-efficient heating in Apex, NC for this winter.

Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for more help with your heating system, whether repairs, maintenance, or questions. We are here 24 hours a day if you need emergency assistance.

Tips for getting higher efficiency from your heater

  • Schedule repairs as soon as possible: Your heater can often continue to work even with a malfunction. But a misbehaving heater will also drain extra energy to run. And the longer you let your system run without repairs, the more those repairs will eventually cost. Don’t get stuck with higher heater bills and pricey repairs down the road: schedule professional service immediately.
  • Maintain an energy-saving thermostat level: Turning your thermostat up to the highest setting won’t make your heater work faster warming you up: it will only make it work longer to reach that setting, which will drain extra power. Find a lower temperature, such as the low 70s, where you feel comfortable (put on an extra layer of clothing to help) and stay with that setting. For times when you are asleep, you can lower the temperature another 8-10°F.
  • Enroll in regular preventive maintenance: Your heating system—whether a furnace, heat pump, hybrid, or radiant floor heating—needs to have regular check-ups to make sure it is operating at its best and to take care of tune-ups. Without regular maintenance, your heater will age faster and begin to work inefficiently because of wear and tear. Schedule an annual maintenance visit to keep your heater in good health.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling offers an excellent path toward regular maintenance: our Peak Performance Plan. Our technicians will check, clean, and maintain your heating system to ensure its efficiency as well as its reliability. You will also receive a 15% discount on parts and repairs if you enroll. You’ll save money all around with better heating performance. Get the most from your heating in Apex, NC today with one call to Ideal Services Heating & Cooling.

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