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Heating Services You Should Consider Getting Before the Fall Season Falls Upon You

HVAC repair man installing a blower into furnace

During the lovely summer months in North Carolina, getting our homes ready for the cold is one of the last things on our minds. But the fall is coming, and we only have a short time before the weather begins to cool out and we need to get our heating systems ready. You don’t want an unpleasant surprise when you first try to turn on your heat. Ideal Services Heating & Cooling wants you to be prepared for the first cold spells, so here are some services you should look into for the best performance from your system. Our heating service is among the finest around—contact us today if you need heating services.

Your home heating and cooling systems should get annual check-ups: we recommend one for air conditioners in the spring, and one for heaters in the fall. Whether you have a boiler, heat pump, or furnace, it’s never too early to have a professional come to your house and give your system a thorough check and tune-up so it won’t fail on you in mid-season… or worse, during winter. Regular maintenance will also assure that your heater runs efficiently, which will prevent spikes in your energy bills. It’s usually easy to schedule an appointment with a professional during the fall when they are less pressed because of summer and winter emergencies.

Have you considered getting a programmable thermostat? The fall is a great time to have one installed. Programmable thermostats give you better control over how your home is heated and let you save money by shutting the system off when you’re not home and then turn on in time to prepare for your return.

There are a few services you can perform yourself. If you have a furnace, make sure to change its filter before you use it for the first time. Furnace filters need to be replaced regularly during the height of the heating season, and you don’t want to start out with a dirty one. For boiler owners, do a check on the tank to see that there is no water leaking from cracks or the valves.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling offers a Peak Performance Plan to make sure you get the regular maintenance you need for your heater. Let us take care of your heating service needs before the first cold of the fall arrives. Contact us today for heating services.

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