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When to Equip Your Home with an IAQ System

Contact us when you’re ready to get an indoor air quality system for your home.

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You Need an IAQ System Too

It’s time for you to help your home out with an indoor air quality system too.

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The Differences Between Forced Air and Radiant Heat

A lot of people have heard of radiant heating, but may not understand what it means. It’s actually a very old concept – used as far back as Roman times – given a new upgrade for the 21st century. In Pittsboro NC, radiant heat makes a viable alternative to the traditional forced air furnaces most people are used to.

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Signs that Your Heat Pump has Low Refrigerant

Heat pumps rely on refrigerant to operate, the same way that air conditioners do. The refrigerant passes through a closed loop that subjects it to pressure and temperature changes, reverting it back and forth between a liquid and a gaseous state that alternately warms and cools the surrounding air. It uses less energy than more traditional HVAC systems, as well as combining heating and cooling into one single function. In Pittsboro NC, heat pump repair is often the purveyance of air conditioning repair services, since our relatively mild climate makes a good fit for heat pump technology.

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