Commercial Heating FAQs

Holly Springs Commercial Heating Frequently Asked Questions

After more than 20 years repairing and installing commerical heating systems we have seen it all. Below are the most asked questions that we receive.

  • How Long Should My Commercial Heating System Last?

    A commercial heating system is a large investment into your property. Its functionality is important to the comfort of your staff and customers. You want the equipment to last as long as possible. Many factors will affect the longevity of a commercial heating system, on average, you can expect this type of equipment to last around 15 years. By taking care of the system with regular maintenance and timely repairs, it is possible that a commercial furnace, heat pump, or boiler could last for 20 years or more.

  • Are High-Efficiency Systems Worth It?

    Heating a commercial establishment is most likely one of you largest property expenses. A high-efficiency commercial heating system can make a substantial difference in your monthly costs. When compared with regular models, high-efficiency systems will reduce heating expenses. The exact amount will depend on your current system’s age and efficiency. In most cases the heat savings will pay for the new unit in about 7-10 years. Rebates and other incentives may speed that up, if you have questions about what is available, give us a call  919-557-0004

  • What Size Commercial Heating System Do I Need?

    The size of your heating system depends on the size and type of space you are heating. If you get a system that is too small, it must run continuously, creating unnecessary wear and tear on the unit, increasing costs and it still may not be able to keep your space comfortable. Overly powerful equipment tends to cycle on and off too frequently, also creating unnecessary wear and tear and driving up your bill.

    In addition to considering the size of your commercial space, your HVAC contractor should also consider other factors that affect the heat gain or loss in your building. That includes passive solar heat gain, the effect insulation has on your building, and equipment generating heat.

    Having a properly sized heating unit will save you time and money in the long run. If you would like to have the perfect heating unity for your commercial space, contact Ideal Services today.

  • How can I Increase the Efficiency of My Heating System?

    An efficient commercial heating system will keep your space comfortable and without putting your energy costs to through the roof.  Some of the most common ways to improve HVAC efficiency include:

    • Replace failing heating equipment with a properly sized, high-efficiency system
    • Have your building’s ductwork inspected to ensure efficient air flow throughout the building
    • Seal the ductwork and your building’s air leaks
    • Install direct digital controls (DDC) to automate and control many building functions from one central station
  • Is Regular Maintenance Really Needed?

    A commercial heating maintenance program will help prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend the life of your heating system. With our maintenance program, you receive regular maintenance that includes cleaning and tune-up services to ensure the system runs more efficiently and lasts longer.

    An inefficient heating system will cost you much more in lost heating that the cost of routine maintenance ever will.

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