Commercial HVAC

Signs That You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

During a warm and humid summer in North Carolina, keeping your business cooled down with a commercial air conditioning system is a top priority. If your AC begins to falter or show signs that it is headed for a breakdown, you need to act fast and call a contractor who offers 24-hour emergency repair service for businesses.

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Common Commercial HVAC Repairs

Whether it’s in your home or your place of business, you need to have your heating and cooling system working in top condition to keep you comfortable and prevent energy waste. But where HVAC troubles in your home will mean inconvenience for a few people, when the HVAC system in a commercial space need repairs, it means discomfort for a larger number of people, a drop in work productivity, and a possible loss of revenue.

3 Distinct Characteristics of Commercial HVAC Systems

A commercial air conditioning system operates according to the same basic principles as residential systems – usually circulating refrigeration through a system that alternately expands and compresses it – but differs remarkably in specifics. Commercial systems need to support a much larger space than residential systems, as well as adjusting to accommodate different businesses with different loads.