Keep Cool With These Cool Tricks!


The scorching hot summer temperatures might be on their way out, but they will persist for a little while longer. As you get excited for cooler temperatures that make life easier, you should make sure your home stays cool, and you remain comfortable for the remainder of the season. While turning your AC on full blast may seem to be the best way, the high utility bills might be a problem.

Fortunately, there are a few cool tricks that can help you enjoy better temperatures at home and increase the efficiency of your AC. Remember that if you need air conditioning service in Durham, NC, you can always call us to fix the unit.

Tricks to Help Keep Your Home Cool

Here are some of our favorite tricks when it comes to staying cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Reduce the strain on your AC and your pocketbook.

Use Ceiling Fans to Circulate Air

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you should start using them more often. Turning on the fans can boost the airflow in your home. It can also help the cool air from your AC reach all the parts of your home more efficiently. When the home is cooler, your AC does not have to work as hard to regulate temperatures. It can drastically cut down your monthly utility bills.

Close Your Curtains

The sun is public enemy number one during summers. One of the easiest tricks to keep cool during the summer is to close your curtains and reduce the sunlight that enters your home. If you keep your curtains open, more sunlight beams in and heats up the internal temperature. If you block the sunlight, your AC has an easier time keeping your home cool.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Basic thermostats can be inefficient because they instruct your HVAC to cool the entire house the same way, all day. If you upgrade your thermostat to a programmable unit, you can set specific temperatures for particular hours of the day in different rooms. It allows your AC to only use energy to cool the spaces you specify, cutting down a huge chunk of your energy bills.

Cut Back on Heat-Generating Appliances

Ovens, some types of lamps, and stoves can generate plenty of heat. You might not notice it, but the heat they create can warm up the temperature inside your home. A great way to keep your home cool is to limit the use of heat-generating appliances. You should consider having an outdoor summer cookout on the warmer days and use a microwave instead of the oven when possible.

Wear Light Clothes and Hydrate

Never underestimate the value of drinking water and wearing light clothes. It might be obvious, but it is an effective trick to staying cool. Drinking more water helps our body cool down through adequate perspiration. Wearing lighter clothes allows proper airflow and helps us feel cooler.

Quick Cold Showers

If the heat is really turning up, taking a cool shower is an excellent way to help you feel cool. The cold water through your shower can also limit the moisture you release indoors. High humidity makes it tougher for your AC to keep temperatures down.

Annual AC Tune-Up

The best way to stay cool during the summers is to make sure your AC is working properly. If your HVAC is in optimal working condition all summer, it will need to use less energy to maintain a cold and comfortable indoor environment. You should call in professionals to maintain your HVAC and perform any repairs that will make it more efficient.

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