Consider a High Velocity System for Your Air Conditioning Replacement

Choosing to replace your air conditioner is a big decision, and there are several different options on the market from which homeowners can choose. One type of AC that is becoming more popular is the high velocity system. High velocity systems offer ductless air conditioning through a process called aspiration. These systems can work in any home, but they are particularly good for older homes with steam or baseboard heating. If you are looking for a new air conditioning system for your Cary, NC home, you may want to take a look at a high velocity system from Ideal Services Heating & Cooling.

How Does a High Velocity System Work?

A high velocity system uses a compact air blower to condition the air in combination with an outdoor unit very similar to a traditional split-system AC (you can also use a heat pump with a high velocity system). The cool air is delivered through flexible ducts with a diameter of approximately 2” wide that can be snaked through walls without extensive construction work. The ducts are attached to small, circular openings that are the same width as the tubing and placed strategically in walls and ceilings.

The cooling method used with a high velocity system is known as aspiration. Cool air is blown into the room of your home at a very high rate of speed – 2,000 feet per second – and mixes with the existing warm air in the room. The result is cooler, dryer air.

Benefits of a High Velocity AC

  • Fits any space
  • Quiet
  • Great for ductless homes
  • Removes 30% more humidity
  • Requires only 1 return vent
  • Reduces air loss to less than 5%
  • Very energy efficient

The best way to determine if a high velocity air conditioning system is good for you is to work with a trained professional. For over 20 years, Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has been helping customers in Cary, NC with their air conditioning replacement. If it’s time for you to replace your old air conditioner, call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our trained professionals.