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NSeith 5.0

knowledgeable, kind and on time. New to the area and very pleased with the service we received.

Jennifer 5.0
Marc Miller
Marc Miller 4.0

**UPDATE** My issue has been resolved and fair concessions were made by Ideal Services. The leadership team at Ideal has apologized profusely and gone above and beyond to ensure that we are happy. The entire tone of my interactions with Ideal has ...changed for the better. I wish it had been like this from the beginning but I'm thankful that it has evolved into a more consumer friendly mindset now. I hired Ideal Services to replace a HVAC coil unit and during the installation the technician broke my concentric valve that us used for my heating system. This renders my heat inoperable and potentially allows toxic fumes into our home. This is 6 months after Ideal Services installed another HVAC unit at my home and 1 week after their technician did my semi-annual inspection. I've already spent over $17,000 with them in 6 months. They tried to get me to pay them an additional $732.29 to repair the damage that their technician caused!! They wanted $732.29 but offered to do it for $250 after speaking with their service manager, Mark and general manager Adam. An additional $250 to fix damage they caused!! Adam justified it by saying that the damage was caused by not having a proper support on the broken pipe. It was supported just fine prior to Ideal Services breaking it! My home is only 7 years old and has been through multiple inspections, including one by Ideal Services last week and this was never an issue before they broke it!! In my opinion based on our personal experience, Ideal Services is a con-job. I would recommend avoiding them and using one of the other many HVAC companies in the area.Read More...

Edward McGee
Edward McGee 5.0

On time for service call. On time for replacement estimate. On time for installation of new system. New system works as expected. All technicians were very professional.

Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson 5.0

The technician Ricky was very thorough with system maintenance. He was knowledgeable and patient.

Scott Montgomery
Scott Montgomery 5.0
Kate Jetton
Kate Jetton 5.0

Friendly, professional, and on-time staff. Great at communicating with us. Great at answering questions (we're first time home owners, so, that part has also been a huge bonus for us) and seem to be thorough with their work. Honestly 0 things bad to say ...about our experiences with them over this past year. (HVAC servicing/maintenance and now installation after one unit got terminally damaged in an ice storm)Read More...

Eric Lucas
Eric Lucas 5.0
Lynette Honeycutt
Lynette Honeycutt 5.0
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips 5.0

Fast, friendly and honest. Everything was quick, team that came out was friendly, knowledgeable and professional

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