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Barb Ross
Barb Ross 5.0

Very competent technicians. They cleaned up thoroughly and answered all questions

Kelvin Galberth
Kelvin Galberth 5.0

Great service very professional and informative

Ted Meng
Ted Meng 5.0

Can’t say better about the technician Angelo, very professional and fixed our furnace issue quickly that others can’t. Thank you!

srad1292 5.0

Thermostat was not turning on. Came and fixed that and then to be safe they also checked pressure on HVAC and explained what everything meant. Very thorough and helpful and also gave me a bunch of useful information!

Carol Smith
Carol Smith 5.0
Brian DeJong
Brian DeJong 1.0

I installed a mini split system in my garage and decided to use a local HVAC company to do the final evacuation of the freon lines, leak check and release of the freon into the system. Keep in mind, this is a precharged system and the install manual was ...very specific about the process. Pull a vacuum, hold the vacuum, check for leaks, release the freon. By the manual, 3 hours of time, maximum. Ideal gave me a quote for over $1300 to perform this service. There is no need for freon, just evacuate the system, hold and check for leaks, release freon that is already in the system. I refused to pay the exorbitant amount. I was still charged the 69.00 diagnostic fee. The receipt even had a statement that I saved over the normal $129 fee. Not sure what diagnostic was performed since no work was performed and the system was new. Ideal is a rip off and a scam. I was more than willing to lay for the hourly rate but at over $1300 they must charge $400 an hour to do basic, routine operations. I was told the cost of pump oil, overhead, and nitrogen was the cause for the estimate. I had another company performed the work at a fraction of the cost and ensured they performed it to the exact specification as described in the install manual. Ideal, is not your partner and will basically see if you are willing to pay a "no-bid" amount. I would never trust them for any service, ever. The system is running and functioning perfectly after having the basic startup worked performed by another, qualified, customer focused person.Read More...

Stephanie Strange
Stephanie Strange 5.0

Did through job at a reasonable cost.

Sangkil Moon
Sangkil Moon 5.0

The technician came on time and gave me a thorough and helpful inspection of my systems.

Ida Taylor
Ida Taylor 5.0
Thomas Duncombe
Thomas Duncombe 5.0


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