Where are prices headed? Will the HVAC equipment I need be available when I need it? How to reduce the fall out?

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With so many of us focusing on home improvement projects since the start of the pandemic, HVAC systems have been a popular item to upgrade! This increase in demand for heating and cooling equipment is a contributing factor in creating a shortage of equipment across the HVAC industry , causing several price increases from manufactures and suppliers. What does this mean for Homeowners & consumers alike?

Demand is exceeding supply, and everyone is seeing price increases as a result. Lingering effects of the pandemic have also contributed to a slowdown in production, resulting in a shortage of materials and reduced equipment supply. With higher demand and less HVAC products available, this means longer lead times for all local companies to obtain needed parts to repair your broken heating/cooling system and get replacement units if it cannot be repaired. Homeowners may need to go without heat or AC while waiting for certain makes, models, and parts to be restocked. As our vendors continue to deliberate on improving their supply chain to maintain a consistent flow of products, raw material prices have continued to increase.

We are working to get equipment and parts from our suppliers to our customers in a timely manner. But with less equipment in stock than ever before, many HVAC distributors have been impacted. That’s why we suggest any homeowner who is thinking about getting a new heating and cooling system start the process now rather than waiting until there’s an emergency.

Regardless of the market conditions, it’s always best to try and replace your older heating and/or cooling system before it completely breaks down. This way you won’t be left without the heat or AC your home needs. Additionally, it gives you time to explore your options and choose the system that’s right for your home and budget.

Keep in mind that most systems are designed to last about 15 years. If your HVAC system is near the end of its life span, we urge you to not wait to have it replaced as you can never predict just when it will experience a breakdown that can’t be repaired. Our team is here to help guide you through the process and provide you with the best options for you and your home. We recommend you get started sooner than later, maybe even today! We are always here when you need us, but we want you to be aware of the HVAC equipment shortage and increase in prices so you can prepare. Schedule your Free in-home estimate.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their patience and understanding as we navigate this new industry environment. We always strive to best serve our customers when they need us most. We take pride in serving your local neighborhood for decades and want you to be comfortable in your home year-round.

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