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When is the best time to service my AC unit?

In order for your AC unit to function properly, it is essential that it is serviced routinely and on time. Delaying AC maintenance or avoiding it altogether could seriously damage your unit or cause repetitive problems in the future. Instead of being stuck in the heat with a faulty AC, it is recommended to get […]

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What Happens if My Furnace Is Not the Right Size for My House?

Furnaces are sized according to the square footage of the space they are expected to heat. If your home is smaller than average, the furnace you buy should be smaller than average. When the size is not based on the square footage of space, it’s usually determined by figuring out how many BTUs (British Thermal […]

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How do I Know I Need to Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Ductwork is important because it controls not only the temperature of the air that comes into your home but also removes contaminants like pet dander, dust, lint, and pollen particles. As these microscopic particles float through the air in your home, they are pulled back into the HVAC unit. Unfortunately, these particles are not all […]

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How Does a Heat Pump Make Heat When its Cold?

What is a Heat Pump? A is a machine that sucks in cool air from the atmosphere and then turns it into hot air by reversing the process of creating heat in the colder seasons. Heat pumps can be used to increase the amount of warmth your home has in the wintertime or to help […]

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What is the most efficient fuel for heating?

Types of Heating Fuels: A Comparison Heating fuels are a necessity in cold climates. But, there are so many types of heating fuels to choose from! How can you decide which one is best for your home? We will compare the four main types and discuss their pros and cons. As we go through our […]

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What is the best air filter for people with allergies?

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, you know how difficult it can be to find the best air filter for people with allergies. There are many types of filters out there that claim to help reduce allergy-causing particles and in your home. However, not all filters are created equal and some might even do […]

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How much money can I save with a high-efficiency furnace?

When you need to get a you want to invest in one that will last. You don’t want to have to waste time with costly repairs or buy another one too soon. When you’re buying a new furnace you also want to choose one that will help save you money on your energy bills. Part […]

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5 Furnace Problems You Can’t Ignore

We all want our furnaces to be working right 24/7. But, there are times when problems pop up that cause the furnace to malfunction or stop working completely. These furnace problems shouldn’t be ignored because they may signal a larger issue or may grow into a bigger problem if ignored. If you’ve noticed any of […]

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8 Things to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

By the time fall arrives, everyone is more than ready after living through another hot summer. But, is your furnace ready to meet the challenge of chilly nights and cooler days? By performing a tune-up and maintenance for your furnace, Ideal Services can help you be sure that the comfort of your home transitions smoothly from air conditioning to warmth.

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Why You Should Maintenance Your AC System Late in the Year

Unless your cooling system has broken down and is beyond repair, then it isn’t too late to have it tuned up. Skipping maintenance over time will negatively affect your system. Every AC system needs maintenance regularly on an annual basis even if you don’t get around to it until the summer. Summers can be very hard on your AC, especially the summer we are experiencing now. Regular AC tune-ups ensure that your system is always ready to operate at its best!

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