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Why You Should Maintenance Your AC System Late in the Year

HVAC technician is working on air conditioner units on a roof of new industrial building.Technician hand using fix wrench to tighten outdoor unit of air condition. Man holds a wrench in his hand.

You may be thinking it is toward the end of the summer and maybe it’s too late in the season to have maintenance performed on your AC system. (We are going into fall and cooler weather, right?) Well, if you have experienced late summer and early fall in the Holly Springs area, then you know that we have plenty of warm to hot days still to come.

AC maintenance is something that you don’t want to skip. We have several reasons why you should still have maintenance on your AC system now and even in the coming months. Ideal Services provides system maintenance all year but we highly recommend that you have your AC and heating systems serviced before winter arrives. In this article, we give you reasons why it isn’t too late to have AC maintenance.

It’s Never Too Late for AC Maintenance

Unless your cooling system has broken down and is beyond repair, then it isn’t too late to have it tuned up. Skipping maintenance over time will negatively affect your system. Every AC system needs maintenance regularly on an annual basis even if you don’t get around to it until the summer. Summers can be very hard on your AC, especially the summer we are experiencing now. Regular AC tune-ups ensure that your system is always ready to operate at its best!

HVAC technician is working on air conditioner units on a roof of new industrial building.Technician hand using fix wrench to tighten outdoor unit of air condition. Man holds a wrench in his hand.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your AC Maintained

Having your AC system maintenance done now will give you peace of mind that when you are ready for air conditioning next spring, it will perform. Even though you won’t be using it during the winter months, you want it to operate smoothly when the weather gets warmer. So, here are some of the reasons why it isn’t too late to get your AC maintained.

Skipping Maintenance Means Paying More to Cool Your Home

When you fail to have your AC system maintenance done, your utility bills will increase because the system loses its efficiency, sometimes even as much as 5%. System efficiency can get worse throughout the years. You end up paying more to run your air conditioner over time.

Avoid Sudden AC Breakdowns

Having regular maintenance and tune-ups performed can avoid a sudden and inconvenient breakdown. It doesn’t matter when you schedule the maintenance, now or in a month or two. You just don’t want to worry about and deal with the AC going out on a hot September day or the first warm week in April! Make sure your system is in good shape to perform optimally whenever you need it by having it tuned up.

Help Prevent Unnecessary Repairs

Repairs on your AC can be costly. But, they can be preventable with maintenance. With one simple tune-up and inspection, no matter when you have it done, you may be able to avoid many expensive repairs. Save money on costly repairs so you can spend it on more enjoyable things!

Help Your System Last Longer

There is no question that by having AC maintenance done anytime, but especially on a regular basis, you prolong the life of the system. The average AC system is designed to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. That is achievable when you properly maintain the system. With regular maintenance, the system experiences less wear and tear, resulting in a much longer time of operation.

Contact Us to Talk About Our Peak Performance Maintenance Plan

At Ideal Services, we know the importance of regularly maintaining your AC system. Our Peak Performance Plan is designed to check, clean, and maintain your comfort system to promote reliability, safety, and efficiency. Our program has inspection criteria for the complete analysis and performance check of the system. Contact us to schedule either one-time maintenance or set up a regular maintenance plan with our Peak Performance Plan program.