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Uh-oh! Short Cycling is a BIG Problem!

Have you been noticing something strange about your AC or furnace? Is it turning on and off too early and too often? You might have a huge problem on your hands that you need to deal with immediately. We will discuss the problem of short cycling, so you can understand it and why you need to call in the experts for AC repair in Holly Springs, NC.

What is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is a term used in the HVAC industry to define a situation where the air conditioning unit or furnace powers on and off too frequently. The term basically describes the time your HVAC actually runs. The shorter its cycle is, the harder your unit works, and it can be very harmful to your AC.

If your AC is turning on and off frequently, you
know there’s a short cycling problem. You will need to figure out what the root
cause of the problem is before you start looking for the solution. Several
reasons can lead to short cycling, including:

  • Dirty Air Filter: If you have not cleaned your
    air conditioner’s filter system in a long time, the dirt will begin clogging up
    the air filter. This severely cuts down the airflow, causing your HVAC to work
    harder. If it works too hard, it can heat up and shut off automatically. Severe
    clogging can result in short cycling.
  • Leaking Refrigerant: Another leading cause of
    short cycling in your AC could be an overheating condenser. The condenser heats
    up well above recommended levels if there is a refrigerant leakage or loss. You
    need an expert to come in and investigate this problem and repair it.
  • Thermostat Problems: There are also instances where there is nothing wrong with the unit itself. Sometimes, the issue could be a faulty thermostat. Whether it is malfunctioning or simply has the wrong placement, a thermostat could be the reason for short cycling. Call an HVAC professional to test it for problems.

The Consequence of Short Cycling

If your HVAC is facing short cycling problems,
the constant cycle of turning on and off can put a lot of pressure on the
electrical and lubrication systems in your machine. This can result in several
problems for you, including:

  • Higher Bills: The larger motors in your HVAC
    system require higher energy when they start up and shut down compared to when
    it is constantly running. You may end up paying a significantly higher energy
    bill due to short cycling.
  • Excessive Wear and Tear: Constantly turning on
    and off will put greater stress on the mechanical and electrical parts of your
    air conditioner. It can cause overheating within the system if there is also a
    refrigerant leak. Delaying the repairs for short cycling can severely damage
    the unit.
  • Ineffective Output: If the air conditioner or
    furnace constantly powers up and down, it will not give a proper output to
    adequately cool down the room. The result is a poor performance that will get
    worse over time.

Letting the problem fester can gradually cause your AC to break down beyond repair. You need to get expert help immediately.

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