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Why Your Heater Makes That Noise

Every time you turn your heater on now, you feel like you need to get your earplugs ready too. Your heater is loud. You could even describe it as noisy too. There are some sounds that you’ve heard before, they just seem to be amplified now. Others are just completely new, disruptive, and odd. Any sound that you’re hearing that’s outside of the realm of what you’re used to is a troubling sign.

These are all the signs that you need heating repairs in. We’re specially trained to hear any sound that’s off in your home, spot the source of the issue, and help you fix it too. We care about your home, your comfort, and your energy bills too.

What Noise Are You Hearing?

Let’s talk about the noise you’re hearing:


It’s like there’s something rolling around in your heater whenever you turn it on. You shouldn’t settle for this type of work going on in your home. Thumping is a problem. The thumping that you hear is coming from an unbalanced part of your home’s heater. You don’t want to let this problem go on for too long without care. Unchecked issues damage your furnace.


If you hear a scraping, metal against metal sound coming from your heater, it means that a major part of your heater is misaligned. The most common part that comes misaligned and makes this sound is your blower wheel. If the wheel breaks out of its housing, you’re going to notice loud, disruptive scraping sounds. Allow one of our technicians to solve the problem for you.


Your heater shouldn’t hum. If it does, then it means that you have a loud transformer that’s acting up. Humming could also indicate an issue with a fan gone bad or a failing capacitator. We’re here to help you with whatever is going on.


Are you hearing some banging sounds coming from your home’s heater? Banging noises might be due to parts moving around in your home’s heater. In some circumstances, banging could also be due to your home’s ducts expanding and contracting due to changes in heat. Any sound that’s too extreme should be addressed by a professional.


Your heater should never make sounds like squealing. The most common cause of squealing is a lack of lubrication in the various parts of your home’s heater. You’re going to need to have a professional take a closer look. Squealing can also be due to a worn-out part that needs replacement.


If you hear your furnace rumbling, what you’re hearing is an issue with your burner becoming even worse with time. Constant rumbling or rumbling that increases in volume with time means that the problem is mounting in severity. You shouldn’t ignore this problem because it’s going to lead to a major repair issue or a breakdown. We’re here to help solve the problem.

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