What’s That Funny Sound Coming from My Furnace?

You’re running your heater all the time now because it’s so cold. Up until recently, you could turn on your heater and only hear the sound of quiet operation. Now though, you’re starting to hear all sorts of funny sounds coming from your home’s heater. Some are just louder versions of noises you might have noticed before; others are new noises that are quite alarming.

If you notice funny sounds, then it’s time for you to get Holly Springs heating repairs. It’s not a good idea to wait out your heating troubles. Yes, you can see the finish line with spring on the other side, but a lot can happen between your current point and the finish line. Don’t allow your problems to get worse. Our professionals can help.

Sounds and Their Meanings

Here are some sounds and what they mean to your home:


You have your heater running for a while and then *bam* or should we say… *bang* there’s a loud sound of something banging around. When you hear the bang, you need to determine what’s going on. A loud banging sound when your heater starts means that the ignition is having some trouble. Our professionals can check in with your home’s pilot light.

If you hear banging during the middle of your home’s operation, then you might have a loose part rattling around somewhere in your system. This sound is just as annoying as it is harmful.


When you hear whistling coming from your home, the culprit is typically the ductwork. If you hear persistent whistling whenever you run your heater, you might notice pockets, gapping, or other issues going on with your home’s heating system. You only want to trust a professional to get into your home’s HVAC system and pinpoint the problems that you’re having. We’re here to help with it.


Your heater is doing an uncanny impression of bad brakes slowing down on a car. It’s alarming and it’s disruptive in your home each time that it happens. The sound you’re hearing is likely the sound of metal scraping on other metal in your home’s heating system. When parts get loose in your home’s system weird things happen. We’re the team that can take care of them.


If you’ve got an odd electric humming sound going on then you might have an electrical issue. Don’t let your issues get out of hand. Electrical issues can give way to many other heating problems.


Are you wondering what the difference is between “clunking” and banging is? Well, the key difference is that clunking has more of a hollow property to it. It could also be described as knocking. What you’re hearing when you notice this sound is your fan operating poorly. Your blades can become misaligned and cause other trouble with your home’s heating system. If you allow this to go on for much longer with your heating system, it has the potential to create an unfortunate domino effect and hurt other parts of your heater.

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