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How to Get Rid of Your Furnace Troubles

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So, you’ve got problems with your home’s furnace. You came to us, and that’s the right first step. You admit your furnace is in some sort of trouble, or maybe it’s been troublesome for a while. You want to know what to do that will get rid of these problems, which could include…

  • Poor or uneven heating
  • Too much heating
  • Heating bills that are higher than normal
  • The furnace making too much noise
  • The furnace turning off too early … or running too long
  • The furnace sometimes not running at all

What can you do to get rid of such furnace troubles? We have three pieces of advice:

Keep up with regular maintenance

Be honest: have you scheduled professional maintenance for your furnace each fall? Annual maintenance is the best way to ensure a furnace doesn’t develop problems in the first place. It can never guarantee a furnace will be trouble-free, but it eliminates the majority of repair needs. If you haven’t had maintenance for your furnace yet this year, you can still have it done now. Maybe all the furnace needs is a tune-up, and if there are repair issues, your technician will catch them during maintenance.

Schedule prompt repairs with skilled professionals

Please, do not attempt to handle your bothersome furnace with a “do-it-yourself” repair attempt, or ask a non-professional to do the work. If your furnace isn’t working the way it should or has just stopped working, the way to fix it is to call on licensed professionals.

It isn’t just that professionals can work fast and do the job more accurately. It’s also because of their ability to perform a diagnosis. For example, if your gas furnace is making a continual clicking sound, it could indicate several different problems: electrical malfunctions, a stuck gas valve, failing ignition, or a cracked heat exchanger. A professional knows how to pinpoint what the true problem is and then fix it. Sometimes all it takes is one accurate, targeted repair and your furnace will be in great shape for another couple of years.

Or, you could replace the furnace…

Yes, this may be the extreme method of getting rid of furnace troubles. Just get rid of the furnace. But in many situations, this is the best solution for a furnace that has become a troublesome, poor-performing energy vampire. And, without a doubt, this is the most long-term solution for furnace troubles.

But when should you go with this route? It depends on several factors, of which age is the most obvious. A gas furnace can sometimes reach 20 years, but once it’s over 15 years old, it’s probably best to have it replaced as it becomes a regular problem with repairs and higher bills. A decade and a half of service from a furnace is a good return on investment.

You can always trust us for furnace repair , replacement , maintenance , or just an opinion on what your furnace needs in general. Our technicians are highly trained and have extensive experience, and they can give you the answers you need.

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