Early Warning Signs of Furnace Trouble


Have you noticed that your home’s furnace is a little off these days? It’s fall and the temperatures are cooling off. We’re sure that you’re happy to pull out those fuzzy sweaters and get the season started. Your home’s heater is making it a little hard to really get in the spirit though. Truthfully speaking—you’re just cold and uncomfortable at home.

If there’s trouble in paradise and you’re looking for solutions, you should call us for heating repair. We know that we’re coming up on winter pretty fast now. We’re not going to give you the run-around. We want to get in your home, solve the problem, and get out fast.

7 Signs of Furnace Trouble

Here are some significant signs of furnace trouble. These are the signs that you need to call us:

1.      High Energy Bills

Your energy bills are high for no apparent reason. You don’t know what’s going on, but you know that something is off because you’re not doing anything different. High energy bills are a clear sign that you’re battling against inefficiency. The difficult point is finding what has caused these high energy bills. We’ll help you out.

2.      Odors

Any type of odor that you smell in your home when you have a furnace is a significant furnace problem. Odors are a sign that your furnace is malfunctioning. If you let this go on unmitigated, it’s going to be a huge problem in your home. It’s potentially harmful to your personal health. You can come to us to fix this problem.

3.      Inadequate Heating

Have you noticed that you’re spending way more time trying to heat your home? Things didn’t take this much effort last year. This year though, you have to spend way too much time getting your home to heat up. You have to choose a higher thermostat setting too. This means that you need help from our professionals to rectify the issue.

4.      Poor Air Quality

Have you noticed that your home’s indoor air quality is just terrible this season? This might just mean that you’re struggling with your home’s heater. A bad heater isn’t an isolated event. It’s more a domino effect type of situation. It will directly impact your air quality. Call us for what you need. (919) 887-9680

5.      Bad Burner Flame Colors

Your burner should always have a strong and steady blue flame. Anything outside of this is an issue. Orange, yellow, or even red flames are a problem. We wouldn’t suggest trying to troubleshoot this on your own. Our professionals will work out the kinks.

6.      Odd Noises

Are you hearing banging, scraping, rattling, or even squealing noises? These are signs that your heater is in distress. We’re going to work this out for you.

7.      Moisture Imbalances

Have you noticed that your home’s moisture is greatly imbalanced? Maybe your home feels dry all the time, and you can’t seem to get it comfortable. Your heater is sucking up all your home’s moisture. We can offer you both heating and indoor air quality services to fix this.

Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re here to help you get the heating work you need.

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