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Got Leaky Ducts? Let’s Fix Them!

AC ductwork peices

Did you struggle to cool your home this summer? Maybe you felt like you had to run your air conditioner all day and night to get the cooling that you’re used to. Did you notice a spike in your energy bills too? This is a sign that you might have leaky ducts at home.

Your home’s ductwork is the backbone of your air conditioning and heating systems. If your ductwork isn’t sound, you can’t expect to get great cooling or heating at home. We know that your ductwork is somewhat out of sight and out of mind, but we’re here to bring it to your attention today. If you read through today’s blog and realize that you need duct repair services , we’re going to be the team to help you. Call us!

A Few Signs That Your Ductwork is Struggling

Sometimes ductwork problems can manifest as other issues
with your air conditioning or heating system. We don’t want you to struggle to
connect the dots. We’re going to spell it all out here for you.

An Unusual Dusty Home

This is something that you might notice more often when it comes to your heating system. We’re moving into fall now and the evenings are getting cooler and cooler in Raleigh. If you noticed that there’s more and more dust in your home, then you need to come to our professionals. An excess amount of dust is a problem in any home. It means that your ductwork is inefficient.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

Have you started to notice that there are extreme temperature disparities throughout your home? This is an issue. Yes, there might be some natural temperature disparities in your home. This is bound to happen if you live in a two-story home or even a home that has certain areas that have a little more natural light. Significant uneven heating and cooling is an issue if it’s extreme though. We’ll help you fix it.

High Energy Bills

Do you have high energy bills these days? Are you having
high energy bills even if you haven’t changed anything about how you run your
home? This is a problem. This might be a sign that you have leaks within your
air ducts. Your air conditioning and/or heating system is having to work past
the hurdles of leaks to provide you with the comfort that you need.

You Need Professional Ductwork Repair

Make sure that you get the right ductwork repair services for your home. This just isn’t possible without professional service. Leaky ducts aren’t just things that are going to go away with time. If you’re having trouble with this issue, you’re going to need a team of professionals to pinpoint the source of the problem and fix it with care. Your ductwork is important. We’re going to help you fix the problem and we’re going to do it for a reasonable price too. Contact our professionals today.

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