Don’t Ignore These Crazy Furnace Noises!

The furnace in your home could be one of your most valuable investments when the winter comes. When it works improperly, it can create some strange noises.

While many sounds, like little pops or humming, are normal as furnaces run, there are some sounds you should not hear. If you start hearing some crazy furnace noises, you might need to call in someone for furnace repairs.

Sounds That Signal Trouble

Here are some of the crazy furnace noises that you should not ignore. They are a sign that your furnace may need serious repairs, and you should address them immediately.


If you hear any high-pitched screeching or squealing sounds from your furnace, it can indicate several problems. Various reasons can lead to screeching noises in your furnace, including a malfunctioning blower or a frayed blower belt. While these are generally easy-fix issues, you should not ignore them for too long. These can cause further issues that can lead to expensive repairs.


A rattling sound coming from your furnace can be a sign that there are loose screws or panels within the system. If it is a loose screw, you can just tighten it and address the issue yourself. Turn off the furnace before you attempt to fix the issue.

If you continue to hear the sounds after tightening the screws, the problem could be a leak or cracks in the heat exchanger. This is a serious issue, posing the risk of a CO leak. Contact us for furnace repairs immediately if there is any suggestion of damage to the heat exchanger.


If you hear a banging or rumbling sound from the furnace, it could be a sign you have not taken care of its maintenance in a long time. These crazy sounds might happen because of a pilot light that needs adjustments or dirty gas burners. Check the flame of the furnace to see if it’s burning blue. If it’s any other color, it could need immediate service.


If you hear loud clanking noises of metal
striking against metal, the blower wheel could have severe damage. If you ever
hear this sound, you should immediately turn off your furnace and get in touch
with HVAC professionals. The blower fan could have become loose, and it is
hitting the casing that holds the fan. If the fan is not extensively damaged,
it can be a quick and easy repair. However, if you continue to operate the
furnace despite the noise, it could cause severe damage to the motor and blower

Always Consult a Professional

While you might feel that you can take care of some of these issues yourself, you can risk further damage to the unit. Our recommendation is to keep your ears open and check your furnace from time to time to notice any problematic furnace noises you should not ignore. If you hear anything wrong, you should immediately turn off the unit and get in touch with professionals.

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