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Don’t Forget About These Late-Season Repairs!


While the summer is almost over, you are not
facing freezing temperatures yet. You will most probably be using your air
conditioner for a little while longer to maintain comfortable indoor
temperatures. All the hard work your unit has been doing through summer can
lead to some problems.

You might be tempted to ignore these issues for now and deal with them later. However, operating your AC with problems can lead to more expensive repairs. We advise that you call us immediately for air conditioner repairs to address any late-season repairs. It can save you a lot of trouble later on.

Late-Season Repairs to Remember

Here are some of the most common late-season
repairs you should remember.

Compressor Issues

Your AC’s compressor is the core that makes
cooling possible. This component provides pressure to the refrigerant to
release the heat and keep circulating properly cooled air. The compressor is a
complex component, and it has its own motor. If the peak summer was scorching,
the compressor could become damaged due to the strain and could require some

Fan Problems

Two main fans run within your AC: the
condenser fan and the evaporator fan. The condenser fan is responsible for
removing the heat from your AC. The evaporator fan pushes cool air into the
ductwork for circulation. Both or one of these fans can develop problems during
the season, including motor issues, belt problems, or bent blades.

Refrigerant Leaks

While the compressor provides pressure to the
refrigerant, the refrigerant is responsible for the heat transfer to keep your
home nice, cool, and comfortable. If there are low refrigerant levels due to
minor or major leaks, your AC cannot provide you with efficient cooling. You
might also notice some water surrounding the unit. If you ignore the issue and
keep running your AC, it can lead to the entire system breaking down.

Duct Leaks

Leaking ductwork can lead to severe issues.
Major leaks can lead to more than 30% of loss in airflow within the ventilation
system. It wastes a lot of energy and inefficient cooling in your home. You
need to call in an expert to make repairs immediately. Otherwise, your energy
bills will get higher and put additional strain on your HVAC.

As your AC operates in the summer, it faces a lot of strain. Like any other mechanical system, running extensively on full power can cause a lot of these problems. Even if your unit manages to pull through the entire summer without experiencing damage, it is good to have a professional come in and examine your HVAC. It might be on the verge of developing these problems, and they could become worse by the time summer comes, and you need to maintain cold temperatures inside your house.

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