Do Your Ducts Need Repairs?


The ducts within your house perform their function mostly unnoticed.  They move through the floors, ceilings, attic spaces, and walls within your house to ensure your comfort by providing warm or cool air.

However, since these ducts are hidden from your sight, the kinks and breaks experienced by them initially may miss you. But even if you were to find the ducts in a compromised state, you could easily assume that the ducts can continue to work without repairs.

Newsflash—you won’t be the only one thinking that. The majority of the homeowners today are adamant that their ducts cannot be compromised enough to require repairs. Thankfully, the professionals at this HVAC company do not share their sentiments about ducts. Instead, they recommend looking for the following signs of repair before making a final decision about getting the ducts repaired or not.

Signs It’s Time to Call in Ductwork Professionals

Calling in the professionals for getting the ducts repaired
is imperative if you notice the following problems with your HVAC system.

Noisy Ducts

If you notice strange sounds coming from the ducts, then it may be time for some repair work. While your HVAC system won’t always be silent, some sounds from it are a major sign that your ducts need repair.  What are these sounds? Whistling, shaking, or rattling noises. A rattling noise indicates loose ductwork that needs tightening while a whistling sound is a sign of leaky ducts from where the air passes through.

If the problems causing rattling or whistling sounds in your
ducts are not addressed immediately, you are likely to have an inefficient HVAC
system that takes longer to do its job and increases your energy bills as a

Energy Bills

If your energy bills have skyrocketed all of a sudden, then you may be suffering from leaky ducts. If you have ducts that are not inappropriately connected, have holes, or are not sealed, then a quarter of the air that goes through them can get leaked. This will result in higher heating/cooling bills.

Of course, leaky ducts are not the only reason for higher energy bills. Infrequent maintenance, dirty filters, an oversized unit that short cycles, failing compressor/capacitor/motor, an aging system, and refrigerant leaks can also shoot up your energy bills.

Falling Indoor Air Quality

Another problem that can lead to malfunctioning air ducts is the accumulation of allergens, dust, lint, and dirt. This increases inefficiency as your HVAC system has to labor harder to bring in the required amount of air into your living space. Not only does this increase your energy bills, but your exposure to allergens is also increased, resulting in a high risk of asthma attacks and allergies. Leaky ducts can let a lot of pollutants into your system.

Hot or Cold

You may have problematic ductwork if you are starting to notice hot or cold spots within your house. This happens when your ducts are obstructed, leaking, or not the right size for the system. However, the hot or cold spots in your home can be due to some other reasons as well. The only way to be sure what’s causing them is by calling in the professionals. If you notice these signs of problematic ductwork, then waste no time calling in the experts.

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