How Zone Control Gets You in Control

Of course, we are all looking for ways to save a few extra bucks each month. So, we cut back on take-out, nights out, and morning coffee runs. But, did you know that you can start saving more money each month by ensuring that your home is energy efficient? When your heating and cooling systems are energy efficient, you’ll spend less time worrying about costly repairs and high utility bills, and instead, pocket some extra money to be used however you wish.

Managing your budget starts by changing the ways in which you interact with and take control of your HVAC systems. Installing a zone control system gives homeowners ultimate control over their home heating and cooling systems, increasing efficiency and lowering monthly costs. Below, we will be discussing the many advantages of installing a zone control system in your home. Keep reading to learn more. 

What is Zone Control?

A zone control system is a series of dampers that are installed throughout the ductwork of an HVAC system. These dampers can open and close to direct the flow of air through the ducts, splitting them into a different zone. Each zone may be controlled by an individual thermostat or by a master thermostat.

Is it Worth It?

There are so many benefits of installing a zone control system in your home. These benefits include:

Energy Efficiency

With the ability to control exactly which areas of your home are heated or cooled throughout the day, you’ll be able to save hundreds on annual utility costs. Plus, the use of individual thermostats makes it so that you can control the temperature of the air going into each room, allowing for even more savings. A zone control system ensures that your HVAC in Cary, NC is energy efficient year-round.


One unique benefit of a zone control system is the ability to create individualized comfort settings. With individual thermostats, you can change the temperature in one room or zone without affecting the comfort of another family member.

Fewer Repairs

When your heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently, they are less likely to adhere to everyday wear and tear. With a zone control system, your heater and AC will not have to work so hard to circulate conditioned air throughout your home, thus putting less strain on the system.

Reduced Heating Challenges

Certain architectural features can pose a challenge for your heater and AC. Features such as vaulted ceilings, loft spaces, basements, and wall-to-wall windows make it difficult for your HVAC systems to evenly heat or cool your home. With zone control, you can separate these spaces from other areas of your house to cool or heat them effectively without impacting the rest of your house.

Trust a Professional

Be sure to hire a professional HVAC technician to install your zone control system. Only a professional has the knowledge, experience, and training to properly integrate the zone control system into your existing ductwork. Additionally, your ducts will need to be altered to fit the different airflow of the zone control system, and only a professional as the skills to do so safely and correctly. Without proper training, you could open up leaks in the ducts, resulting in a wide range of issues.

If you are interested in installing a zone control system in your home, contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. 

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