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3 Signs That Your AC Is in Trouble

AC-tools-on-topWhen you first got your air conditioner, they probably told you it would need regular maintenance. And while no one is eager to get AC repairs, it’s crucial that you’re prepared for any troubles—especially if you haven’t had maintenance in a while.

If you know the warning signs, you’ll be able to act as soon as they arise. AC trouble left unchecked can drain your finances or leave you sweating in the summer.

They say trouble always comes in threes. So here are three big signs of air conditioning trouble, what they mean, and what you can do about it.              

Is It Hot in Here, Or…?

No, it’s not just you! If it feels like some parts of your house are hotter than the rest, it’s possible you have a leaky duct.

If your air ducts have a leak, they won’t properly transfer the hot and cool air around your house. When the air can’t circulate properly, your system will struggle to match the settings on your thermostat. The more your system works over-time to compensate, the more it suffers from wear-and-tear.

You’ll need to seal those leaks if you want to bring cool air and order back to your home. Although sealing the ducts sounds like an easy DIY project, you can’t do it with duct tape and effort alone. Only a professional HVAC contractor will have the expertise to test and seal your ducts.

What’s That Noise?

A new noise in your AC unit is never a good thing. At the very least, it warrants calling just for a professional opinion.

Among the most troubling AC-related noises are those like hissing, grinding, clanging, and screeching. Bad noises are typically rooted in problems with leaks, obstructions, motor bearings, or electrical issues.

Regardless of which particular noise you’re hearing, all of them can have a substantial effect on your air conditioning if gone unchecked. They also won’t be easy to diagnose unless you know the system in and out. When it comes to strange noises, your best bet is to call for air conditioning repair in Cary, NC.

On and Off, On and Off

Does your air conditioner have a hard time deciding if it wants to stay on or off? If you notice the system restarting every few minutes, then you most likely have a short cycling issue.

Short cycling will put your AC on an operational roller coaster, and it’s a ride that you don’t want to be on. Ultimately, short cycling can increase your energy bills, ruin the machine’s parts, and prevent it from doing the main thing you want it to: keeping your home cool.

You might get lucky and find out that you simply have a dirty filter that desperately needs replacing. On the other hand, you might be dealing with low refrigerant or frozen coils, and you can’t fix those without the help of a professional.

Either way, it’s best not to make guesses about what the problem could be. A professional can easily determine the cause of the issue and tell you how to proceed from there.

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