Common Signs of Heater Problems


Wouldn’t it be great if you could know with absolute certainty that you could start up your heater at the beginning of the heating season, and then never have to worry about its performance? Of course, this is just not the reality of the situation in the real world. While you can help to ensure great performance from your heater by investing in quality equipment and scheduling routine heating maintenance, the fact remains that you are going to run into trouble with your heater at some point.

When you do, be sure to contact the pros on our team in order to schedule professional heating repair. Just because our winter weather is not as brutal as that in some northern areas of the country is no reason to ignore any signs of trouble with your heating system. Ideally, you’ll notice these signs of trouble well before your system breaks down entirely or suffers serious damage. Here are some to look out for.

Strange Sounds

Depending upon the type of heating system that you use in your home, you probably hear the noise of some kind when it is in operation. Perhaps you hear it cycling on when you are sitting in the living room. Maybe you can hear the compressor of a heat pump when you’re at the kitchen sink. What you should not be hearing, though, are strange sounds that seemingly developed out of nowhere.

If your system is screaming at you, it is probably crying out for help. Hear something banging around in there while it’s running? You could be looking at a loose component or even a part that has broken off. Grinding, squealing, and any other strange sounds should be taken as being red flags.

Ominous Odors

When you fire up the furnace for the first time of the year, you may smell the odor of some dust burning off the elements or burner. That’s not a huge deal, provided that the problem does not persist. If it does, though, you should not ignore the burning odor. Your system could be operating under unsafe conditions.

Another odor that should never, ever be ignored when running your heater is that of fuel in your home. If you smell natural gas, you need to vacate the house and contact the appropriate authorities. This could be a very dangerous situation, and the fact that your home is warm does not mean that it’s no big deal.

Performance Problems

Is your system starting up,  but shutting down again rapidly?  Is it blowing cool air into your home? Is it leaving cold spots throughout the house? Even if the heater seems reliable, you should not be giving it a free pass on such problems. You deserve the very best that your heater has to offer, not merely a performance that is “good enough.” When you schedule your heating repairs with us, we’ll figure out what’s causing any such issues and we’ll resolve them completely.

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