End of Season AC Repairs: Yay or Nay?


As we discussed in another recent blog post, it is always best to have your air conditioner repaired in a prompt manner. There is really just no benefit to be had in waiting until the system can’t chug along any longer to have the problem resolved. That being said, we know that some homeowners may also find it a bit strange to schedule air conditioning repair at the very end of the cooling season. After all, the system won’t really be in use for a while, right?

Well, that may be true, but it does not mean that you don’t have to worry about having your air conditioner put back on track as quickly as possible. In truth, there are many different reasons why you should not let any necessary air conditioning service go until winter has come and gone. If you require any air conditioning service, including air conditioning repairs, keep our previous advice in mind. Schedule that service as soon as you possibly can.

Your Heater Could Also Be Affected

So your central air conditioner is suddenly leaving hot spots throughout your home or is failing to distribute conditioned air throughout your home evenly. No big deal, right? You’ll be switching over to your furnace soon anyway. Well, the problem with this logic is that such systems may share components, notably the ductwork and the air handler. That means that the very same problems setting your AC’s performance back may wind up doing the same to your heater.

Leaky ductwork can lead to uneven cooling and hot spots in the summer, but it will also lead to cold spots in the winter. A damaged blower wheel, or even issues with the thermostat, will also negatively affect the heater as well as the air conditioner. If you’re going to wind up scheduling service for your heater as soon as the heating season starts, it’s better to just get it out of the way.

The Problem Could Get Worse

Well, if your air conditioner is not going to be running, then it doesn’t really matter if you leave it in a damaged state for a while, right? Wrong! The problem itself, along with any conditions that lead to that problem developing, to begin with, can absolutely worsen over time, even if you are not using the air conditioner. When someone breaks a bone, they don’t just sit on the couch until they decide it’s time to go get it set, right?

When your air conditioner is needed at the start of the next cooling season, you don’t want to be scheduling repairs only to find that the system is worse off than you thought it was. You especially don’t want to find out that it is worse off than it was due to your own inaction.

It’s Simply More Convenient

A lot goes on over the course of the heating season, with the holidays, family coming to visit/stay, ringing in the new year, etc. What are the chances that you’ll keep old problems with your AC at the front of your mind throughout that time? Probably fairly slim, which means that you may not remember them until it is time to actually use the system.

That is also the busiest time for AC technicians around here, completing tune-ups, installing new systems, and yes, handling repairs that were left to linger far too long. For your own comfort and convenience, and for the sake of your system, remember that late-in-the-season AC repairs still make a lot of sense.

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