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There are some standard HVAC systems that pretty much everyone is familiar with. If we were to bring up a furnace or a central air conditioner, for instance, then you would probably know right off the bat what we were talking about. Today, though, we want to explore your HVAC options a bit further. Now that we are moving out of the cooling season and shifting into our (admittedly fairly mild) heating season, it is a good time to think about replacing either system.

If you are contemplating this project in your home, then why not invest in a new system that can pull double duty? Heating and cooling one’s home with just one system for year-round comfort is a huge convenience. It is also not nearly as far-fetched as it undoubtedly sounds to some homeowners unfamiliar with such technology. Read on to learn more about such systems, and be sure to work with our HVAC experts when the time for your system installation or replacement arrives.

Heat Pumps

Earlier we had a post about . As a quick refresher, we’ll just remind you that a heat pump works just like a central air conditioner — with one major exception. During the winter season, the heat pump is able to reverse its operation. A component called the reversing valve is to thank for this ability.

By reversing the refrigerant and flipping the function of its coils, the heat pump is able to draw heat out of the air surrounding the outdoor unit. Even in the winter, and especially in our mild winters, there is heat to be had. That refrigerant is then compressed, and its heat is used to warm the interior of the home. The resulting comfort comes in a highly efficient manner.

Ductless Mini Splits

Way back in June, we discussed why you may want to use a ductless air conditioner in order to cool your home. Chief among the reasons for choosing a ductless AC is the fact that ductless mini splits are also heat pumps. While there are designated cooling-only systems, the vast majority of homeowners choose to use heat pump models in order to enjoy year-round comfort from the system.

Obviously, the heating efficiency of ductless mini splits is great. However, efficiency, in general, is boosted thanks to the ductless design. You won’t have to worry about leaking air ducts ever again — because there are no ducts in the system at all!

High Velocity Systems

Going back even further, this time to August of last year, we talked about why you may want a high-velocity system in your property. High-velocity systems are forced-air HVAC systems that do actually use ductwork. Like ductless mini splits, though, they are great for older homes that were designed and constructed without ductwork in mind. Why? Because these unique systems use compact, flexible ducts that can be snaked throughout your property with little disruption.

These systems blow air into the living space at a higher velocity than your average forced air system will. That helps to ensure not only prompt comfort but also that the air is circulating and turning over effectively. Despite the velocity at which the air is forced through the system, they are also incredibly quiet.

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