What an ERV Can Do for You

dandelionHere’s a question with an obvious answer — do you leave your windows open when you are running the air conditioner in your home? We are guessing that you don’t, right? After all, that is pretty much equivalent to just throwing your hard earned money out the window. Homeowners want to live comfortably, but they also want to do so efficiently. That is why we shut the windows, add insulation, and seal up our homes. Unfortunately, that may be why your indoor air quality is so low.

If your attitude is one of “hey, what are you gonna do,” then we actually have an answer for you. Use an energy recovery ventilator in Holly Springs, NC. It really is the best solution if you are struggling to balance your comfort, energy efficiency, and the quality of the air in your home. These devices are unique and benefiical, but also quite simple in theory. Consider the following, and leave your IAQ services to us.

What Is an ERV, and What Does It Do?

An ERV is a mechanical ventilation device, but it also acts as a heat exchanger. The device is integrated into your HVAC system, and it helps to ensure that you have fresh air in the house without that fresh air coming at the expense of energy efficiency. It does this by recovering much of the energy that you’ve used in order to heat or cool the air in your home.

Basically, in the summer, you are dealing with cool air in your home that is going to dry out and degrade in quality over time. The air outside is fresh, but it is so hot that you wouldn’t want to open the door to let it in. With an ERV, though, you can vent that dry, low-quality — but cool — air out of your house, and use it to absorb heat from the air coming in. This pre-cools it, and prevents a big strain on your air conditioning system.

In the winter, you’ll have the opposite problem. The air in your home will still degrade as a result of being recirculated throughout the house over and over, but now you are going to want to keep the heat in your home. In this case, the ERV is used to pre-heat the air coming into your house. It makes a huge difference in terms of cost to do it this way.

Now, keeping the air fresh is a great endeavor, but the ERV doesn’t only bring in fresh air and adjust its temperature. The two airstreams intermingle just enough to allow for the humidity between the streams to balance. This means that your preconditioned, fresh incoming air is also optimally humidified.

An ERV is not something that you can install on your own. This is a job for trained professionals only. If you’re interested in reaping the beneifts of an ERV, then be sure to schedule your services with professionals that you can trust. Our technicians fit the bill.

Let Ideal Services Heating & Cooling handle your IAQ services.

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