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Tips for Efficient Cooling

saving-money Once the heat of the summer season really settles in on us, you are going to be glad to have a great air conditioner installed on your property. Of course, you want more than just an effective air conditioning system. You also want to be able to keep your home cool and comfortable without draining your budget in the process. If you think that efficient cooling means replacing your entire air conditioning system, think again.

The Apex, NC air conditioning professionals on our staff have a few tips to help you to cool your home more efficiently. Keep them in mind this summer so that you can enjoy great comfort at a price that you can handle. Do not put your comfort on the chopping block just to leave your bank account intact!

Use Your Thermostat Properly

What do you when the heat outside soars? If your answer is to “jack up the air conditioning,” then you are setting your air conditioner up for failure in the efficiency department. Setting your thermostat too low is not going to cool your house any faster than setting a reasonable temperature would. Remember, your thermostat is essentially an on/off switch that registers a terminal point. It is not a throttle. Turning the temperature down very low will start the system, but it also just gives the AC a target that is beyond its capabilities — or at least that will have it running longer and using more energy than is necessary.

A great way in which to get more from your thermostat is to invest in a more advanced model. Sure, there are smart and Wi-Fi thermostats out there that more tech savvy homeowners enjoy. You don’t have to go that far in order to use your system more efficiently, though. Even upgrading from a manual thermostat to a digital model with programmability functions helps to cut down on energy use and your cooling costs.

Zone Your System

Another fairly basic upgrade to make to your air conditioning system is to integrate a zone control system into it. With a zone control system, you can regulate the temperature in different areas of your home with independent thermostat controls. That means that you can cool your kitchen off more when you’re cooking a big dinner, without cooling empty bedrooms to the same level. That helps you to keep your cool while also taking some of the strain off of your air conditioning system.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

For all of the upgrades and gadgetry that can help you to get more from your AC system, nothing does more for your cooling equipment and its energy efficiency than routine air conditioning maintenance. Well-maintained systems are going to operate better than poorly maintained ones, and regular tune-ups will help your system to function at peak efficiency levels. The minor investment needed for regular maintenance really pays off not only in better efficiency, but greater reliability and extended equipment life, too.

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