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How Does Leaky Ductwork Affect Me?

Do you use a forced air heating system, like a heat pump or a furnace, in order to heat your home? Do you have a ducted central air conditioning system that you rely on during the summer season? If so, then you need to know for sure that your air ducts are functioning precisely as they ought to.

If your air ducts are leaking, however, there is just no way for this to be the case. Leaky ductwork is among the most common sources of energy waste in homes throughout the country. It can negatively affect you in a number of ways, so you may want to consider professional duct sealing in Cary, NC.

Benefits of Properly Sealed Ductwork

As mentioned above, leaky ductwork can lead to serious energy loss. When there are tears or holes in air ducts, hot air is free to make its way into or out of the system. That can seriously drag down energy efficiency in both the heating and the cooling seasons. When you have your ducts sealed, you can enjoy great efficiency when heating and cooling your home.

It’s also a great way to simply live more comfortably. You see, if your air ducts are leaking, there is no way in which you can expect your system to function at peak performance levels. Your home likely won’t heat up or cool down evenly.

Finally, there is the quality of the air in your house to consider. If your ductwork is leaking, it’s not just air getting in or out of them to worry about. It’s pollutants, too. Once pollutants make it into your house via these holes or tears, you may wind up distributing them throughout the house.

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