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Are You Having Trouble Heating Your Home Evenly?

HVAC repair man installing a blower into furnace

If so, then you need to give us a call before temperatures really drop this winter season. We’re regularly seeing daytime temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s, with nighttime temperatures falling substantially lower. You deserve better than to be running into cold spots throughout your home. Whether the problem lies with your heater directly or other issues in your home, we’ll figure out precisely what is wrong and recommend the proper course of action.

An Undersized Heater Could Be (but Hopefully Is Not) to Blame

There are many problems that can lead to uneven heating in your home, and many of those problems can be resolved with repairs. However, it is not really possible to make an undersized heater suddenly powerful enough to heat your entire home effectively and evenly. If your heater is just not of the right size for your home, replacing it with a more appropriately sized heating system may be your best, if not only, option. If the cold spots in your home are in those areas located furthest from your heater, and if you’ve had this problem as long as you’ve had this heater, an undersized heating system is a real possibility.

You May Not Have Enough Insulation

If the cold spots in your home are in consistent areas, it is possible that those areas are just not insulated well enough. Hiring professionals to bulk up the existing insulation, or to replace insulation that has deteriorated over time, can resolve the problem. If you’ve had issues with hot spots in these same areas during the summer season, this is a very likely situation.

Your Ducts May Be Damaged or Otherwise Compromised

If you use a forced-air heating system such as a furnace or a heat pump, your ductwork may not be in good shape. If your air ducts are not properly installed and well-sealed, your heater may not be the issue. It could be heating air just fine, but the ductwork may not be distributing that heated air evenly and effectively. If this is the case, we can handle any sealing or repair services that your ductwork needs.

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