Avoiding Very Dry Air This Winter


You know that you need to heat your home successfully throughout the winter season if you hope to live comfortably during this time of the year. If you think that this is all you must do, though, you are not going to be as comfortable as we know you deserve to be. That is because you must also keep the humidity in your home in mind.

When the weather is cold during the winter season, humidity is also naturally low. That means that you’ll need to introduce supplemental humidity into the air in your living space to keep that space as comfortable and healthful as possible. To do so, we strongly recommend that you use a whole-house humidifier.

Skip the Portable Units

Portable humidifiers, which may sit atop a dresser or stand upright on the floor, have their uses. However, that use really does not extend beyond humidifying the single room in which the device resides. That’s fine if you want to ensure, for example, that a nursery is sufficiently humidified. It is far from ideal, though, if you want to maintain the right level of humidity throughout your entire home.

To do that, a whole-house humidifier is a much better bet. The system can be integrated directly into your HVAC system so that it humidifies the air heated by your heating system and is distributed throughout the house via ductwork. The humidifier will not have to be refilled continuously, as it will have a water line to feed it, and you won’t have to move it around from room to room.

Just remember that a whole-house humidifier, unlike a portable model, is going to have to be professionally installed in your home. We can make sure that the job is done right. Allow our technicians to help you enjoy the best indoor air quality possible in your place of residence.

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