Why Are There Hot Spots Throughout My Home?

When it comes to your overall comfort in your home, you should never settle for less. Just because your air conditioner is up and running, after all, doesn’t mean that it is providing you with the truly exceptional performance that you deserve. This is certainly the case in those homes where homeowners have grown to accept hot spots.

Your air conditioner in Raleigh, NC, when properly sized, installed, and serviced should be capable of effectively and evenly cooling your entire home. If this is not the case, then you need to dial our number immediately. We’ll determine what must be done in order to cool down your hot spots.

What Can Cause Hot Spots?

Frustrating as they can be, hot spots may also have multiple causes, adding further to the frustration when the time comes to resolve them. One of the simplest explanations is that your thermostat is not ideally placed in your home. If the thermostat is in an area that is consistently cooler than the rest of the house, it may cycle off your AC prematurely. This will leave other areas of the house warmer and less comfortable.

You may also have shoddy ductwork in your home (though certainly not if it was installed by us!). When you use air ducts in order to distribute conditioned air throughout your entire house, you are putting a lot of faith in them. Should they be leaking, or if the system is just poorly designed, you are going to have a problem with hot spots on your hands. You’ll probably also see cooling costs that are higher than they should be.

Finally, it is possible that your air conditioner is simply too small for your home. Unfortunately, if this is the case, there is really no quick fix to the problem. Replacing the system with a more appropriately sized one will be necessary to ensure that you are able to evenly cool your living space.

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