Is a High Velocity System Right for Your Property?

Some homeowners may think that central air conditioning or replacing an old heating system just is not an option for their homes. Rather than resign yourself to inefficient window units or an outdated, expensive to run heater, consider the use of a high-velocity system in Fuquay-Varina. With a high-velocity system, you can enjoy modern, efficient heating and cooling from a centralized system without the renovations and intrusions that the installation of traditional ductwork may require.

If you do decide that a high-velocity system is right for you, then it is important to remember that you must schedule your high velocity system installation, repair, and maintenance services with qualified professionals familiar with these systems. That is why you should dial our number. We’ll ensure that you get the most from your system.

Why Opt for a High Velocity System?

Some homes simply were not designed and constructed with the inclusion of standard, bulky ductwork in mind. That leaves modern homeowners struggling to adopt central air conditioning technology, or to replace old steam radiators with something a bit more advanced. The solution for many is the high velocity system.

A high velocity system is, in fact, a forced air heating and cooling system, and it will actually use ductwork. However, the air ducts used are far smaller than standard sheet metal ducts, and they are flexible. That allows them to be installed conveniently and easily in places where the installation of traditional ductwork would be impossible, or at least  very involved.

By using high velocity air delivery, these systems are able to very quietly maintain comfort throughout the house, using small outlets rather than big, metal grates to pump air into the living space. When running the air conditioner, a high velocity system also excels in removing more humidity from the air than a central AC, thanks to the continuous, even operation.

Call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to take advantage of a high velocity system in your home.

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