The ERV: One Piece of Equipment, Year Round Savings

We are rapidly approaching a transition period in terms of season and temperature. Before long, you’ll be switching your focus from your air conditioner to your home heating system. There are certain pieces of equipment that can complement both your heating and AC systems, though, and provide you with many benefits throughout the year. The ERV is one such device.

By recovering energy that you’ve used to heat or cool air in your home during the ventilation process, the energy recovery ventilator allows homeowners to walk the line between efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. Read on to learn more. Remember to let us know if you want to use an ERV in Cary, NC.

The Basics

An energy recovery ventilator is a mechanical ventilation device. Okay, you may be thinking, that sounds an awful lot like a fan. An ERV doesn’t just vent air out of your home, though, the way that the fan above your range might. Instead, it also brings fresh air into your home. Sweetening the deal considerably is the fact that the ERV acts as a heat exchanger of sorts, effectively pre-conditioning incoming air.

A lot of homeowners are very concerned with energy efficiency. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is commendable. However, they often chase energy efficiency by sealing up their homes as tightly as possible. This may keep heat in during the winter, and out during the summer, but it also traps the air in one’s home and lets it go stale. With an ERV, you can use heat in the outgoing air to warm up the fresh, cold incoming air in the winter. In the summer, outgoing cool air absorbs heat from incoming fresh, but hot, air.

You should not have to decide between comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality, nor should you ever settle for 2 out of 3. When you use an energy recovery ventilator, you don’t have to.

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