Tankless Water Heaters: What to Consider

Most homeowners will immediately picture a large tank when they think of a water heater. Those in the know, though, realize that the tank water heater is no longer the only option to consider. It is no fluke that tankless water heaters in Apex, NC have grown so popular in recent years.

The tankless water heater has a lot to offer homeowners. If you’ve been debating replacing your water heater, give the following post a read before deciding which is right for you. Don’t hesitate to dial our number with any questions that you may have. 

  • Price: First things first, we’ll point out that you’ll notice a considerably higher price tag on tankless water heaters than you would on their tanked counterparts. If you are looking to invest in a very affordable system upfront, then sticking with a tank water heater may be the way to go. That being said, tankless water heaters can really pay off in the long run, if you are thinking in terms of an investment.
  • Efficiency: Energy efficiency is at the forefront of everyone’s mind in this day and age. If you are serious about energy efficiency, then you may be looking to avoid standby energy loss from your water heater. This occurs when heat from the water within the tank transfers through that tank and into the air surrounding it. Because tankless water heaters heat only the water that you need, as it’s needed, you won’t have to worry about storing water, eliminating the risk of standby energy loss entirely.
  • Lifespan: It can take a while for the energy savings of a tankless water heater to offset the initial higher cost of purchase. However, the efficiency with which they work can pair with their long lifespans in order to do just that. While tank water heaters tend to last 10-15 years, tankless models are generally going to last 20+.

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