How Can a Heat Pump Both Heat and Cool?

heat pump

If you’ve read our blog or explored our site before, you probably know that heat pumps are unique in that they are able to offer homeowners both effective cooling and incredibly efficient heating. This week, we’ll go a little further in-depth about how heat pumps are able to manage this feat. You just may find that the heat pump is precisely the type of home comfort system that you’ve been looking for.

Reversible Heat Transfer

A heat pump is not the same thing as a packaged system, which has separate heating and cooling equipment but packages that equipment together in one unit. Instead, the heat pump is a single system capable of reversing its operation. It does this by reversing its refrigerant cycle.

A component in the heat pump called the reversing valve allows for this operation. During the summer, when you are cooling your home, the heat pump will function more or less just as a split central air conditioner does. Refrigerant is evaporated in the indoor evaporator coil, absorbing heat from the air surrounding that coil. It then goes to the outdoor unit, where the condenser coil condenses it and allows its heat to be dispersed into the air.

When the cold weather comes and you switch your system over to the heating mode, the refrigerant cycle is reversed. This also reverses the operation of the system’s coils. Now, the outdoor coil is used to allow the refrigerant to absorb heat. That refrigerant is then compressed in order to maximize its thermal energy. When it makes it to the indoor coil, it condenses, and its heat is used to warm the interior of your home. This heating method requires only the use of a small amount of electricity.

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