Does Your AC Seem Louder than Usual?

Outdoor central air unit

We are well into the summer season at this point, and we hope that your air conditioner is operating at peak performance, efficiency, and reliability levels for you. We understand, as must you, though, that there is no such thing as a perfect AC. That is why you must act quickly when you notice anything off about your air conditioner or its performance, including odd noises during operation.

As is the case with so many air conditioning problems, these unfamiliar sounds can actually have a number of different underlying causes. The best way in which to ensure that your system does not suffer unnecessary damages or wind up costing you excessive amounts of cash is to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs. Dial our number to do so (919) 887-9680 .

Screeching and squealing is never a good sign, regardless of the system in question. It is possible that you are experiencing motor bearing issues, or that you have a bad fan belt in your system. It may also be that a belt has slipped from its proper position. Of course, there are also many other moving parts in the system that require proper lubrication. If your air conditioner is not sufficiently lubricated, screeching and squealing is very likely.

Clicking sounds may not be the most alarming sounds in terms of loudness, but they can certainly indicate very serious problems with your air conditioner. Specifically, these sounds are commonly the result of electrical problems. You may have failing capacitors, which can render your system unable to start up and run properly. You may also have a malfunctioning relay.

Banging and thumping sounds are among the most common that homeowners encounter, and often indicate that there is a loose component in the system. It’s more serious than it sounds, though. You risk not only damaging the loose component if you continue to run your system, but also those that it is banging against.

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