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What You May Not Know About an Air Conditioning Replacement

Are you starting to wonder if your air conditioner is going to be there for you throughout another long, hot, and humid summer season? Have recent performance issues left you thinking that an air conditioning replacement may be in your best interest? If so, we strongly urge you to schedule your air conditioning replacement in Holly Springs, NC with a member of our staff. When we replace your air conditioner, you can count on having a high-quality, appropriately sized system installed in your home, and for that system to be installed with the expertise that the job so demands. There is another reason to schedule service with us, though.

What Happens to Your Old System?

Chances are that, if you’ve ever replaced an air conditioning system on your property, you didn’t give all that much thought to what happened to the old equipment that was removed from your home. Provided that it wasn’t just dumped on your front lawn, you likely didn’t care where it was taken to. This is totally understandable, but you may be overlooking an important facet of the AC replacement process.

You see, there are actually a lot of valuable materials in your air conditioning system. This is part of why investing in a new air conditioning system generally means spending a substantial amount of money up front. Copper, steel, aluminum, and other costly materials are all used in your air conditioning system. Just because your old system is no longer functioning properly or has broken down entirely does not, of course, mean that these materials are suddenly worthless.

The last step in an air conditioning replacement completed by our team is to recycle and sell these materials. Mind you, we are not doing this for any personal financial gain. Instead, we donate these proceeds to charitable causes, such as the Victory Junction Gang in Randleman, NC and The Wounded Warriors Project.

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