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Why Is There Water Leaking Out of My Air Conditioner?

We understand that there are certain signs of trouble that can really serve to strike fear into the hearts of homeowners. Among these warning signs is the leaking of water out of an appliance or mechanical system. If you notice that there is water leaking out of your air conditioner, it is very likely that there is a problem in need of repairs.

However, to call this a water “leak” is a bit misleading, as your system does not contain water or use water in its operation. Your eyes are not deceiving you, though, and there are a few situations in which you may notice water appearing to leak out of your system. You can count on us to resolve the problems and to handle any other AC repairs in Apex, NC that you may need.

It May Be Ice Melting

It is possible for your air conditioner to actually develop ice, either on its evaporator coil or on the refrigerant lines, generally. Contrary to what you may believe, though, this is not a good sign. Your AC is not a freezer, and ice doesn’t mean it’s just working really well. Instead, it may mean that you have a refrigerant leak in your system, causing the lines to get too cold, or that your air filter is so dirty that it is reducing the airflow over the evaporator coil, causing it to ice up. This ice can then melt, giving the appearance of a water leak. Our technicians will figure out exactly what is wrong, changing your filter or repairing a refrigerant leak as needed.

Your Condensate Drain May Back Up

Your AC draws humidity out of the air as it operates, and this humidity creates condensation. This condensation is drained out of the system and away from your home with the condensate drain line in the system. If the drain pan is off kilter, or the line itself is backed up, then the condensation will have nowhere to go. Other than, obviously, pooling around your system.

If you have any reason to suspect that you need air conditioning repairs, give Ideal Services Heating & Cooling a call today.