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2 Ways to Take Greater Control Over Your AC This Summer

When you cool your home, do you feel as if you have the control that you need over your AC system in order to do so with the best possible results? If not, we recommend that you consider upgrading your home cooling system so that you can truly take control over its operation. There are a couple of great ways in which to do so. Read on, and remember that scheduling your air conditioning services in Holly Springs, NC with a member of our team guarantees that the job will be done right the first time, every time.

Thermostat Upgrades

Even if you desperately like to cling to simplicity when it comes to the electronics and control systems in your home, upgrading your thermostat is a great way in which to improve your overall heating and cooling experience. While old, manual thermostats, such as round dial models, are indeed simple, they are also notoriously difficult to set accurately. That means that the temperature that you intend to maintain, and the one that you actually do maintain, may vary, and that in turn means that you may be paying for more cooling than you desire.

Using a basic digital thermostat is a great way to keep things simple, while also controlling your system more accurately. Ready for something more advanced? A programmable thermostat allows you to set temperature programs that will regulate themselves, while smart thermostats allow you remote access to your system, as well as programmabiltiy and the ability to review monthly energy reports.

Zone Control

The installation of a zone control system may be more involved than that of a new thermostat, but it is also very worthwhile. With a zone control system, you’ll actually use multiple thermostats throughout your home in order to regulate temperatures in different zones independently of the others. That way, you won’t be paying to cool or heat unused areas to the same temperature as those regularly in use.

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