Don’t Let Your Air Filter Slip Your Mind This Summer

air filter replacement

Summers in North Carolina can be quite hot and sticky, so you really need to know that your home cooling system is going to be there for you in order to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the worst of it. Investing in a good air conditioning system, having that system installed by a trained professional, and scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance are all steps that will help you to ensure your comfort throughout the summer season. There is one that you must do on your own, though, to truly let your AC shine: change your air filter as needed.

Isn’t That My Maintenance Technician’s Job?

We hope that you are diligent in scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance in Holly Springs, NC. Doing so helps your air conditioner to continue running at peak performance and efficiency levels. However, you are only having your air conditioner tuned up once a year, as recommended. Your air filter, on the other hand, will likely need to be changed every 2-3 months, with many cheaper filters actually requiring monthly changes. As you can see, annual maintenance and your air filter changing schedule don’t exactly line up perfectly.

Fortunately, changing your air filter is actually quite simple. Just remember that not all air filters are manufactured at the same level of efficiency and that they are not all interchangeable. It is vital that you refer to your system’s literature in order to guarantee that you are using the most appropriate filter. When you do, you’ll be able to avoid problems such as reduced indoor air quality, increased operational costs, and even damages to your system. Your evaporator coil, for instance, can ice over if there is not sufficient airflow passing over it. With a clean, appropriate filter in place, you avoid such risks.

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