Short Cycling Is Indicative of Potentially Serious Problems

Once the heat of summer arrives in full force, you’ll be very happy to have a well-made, expertly installed, and properly maintained air conditioner on your property. Even the very best air conditioners, though, and even those that are cared for properly, are still subject to occasional operational problems. When a problem with your air conditioner does develop, it is important that you schedule professional AC repairs in Apex, NC as soon as possible. Delaying in doing so only puts your home cooling system at a greater risk of suffering serious damages. One problem that you may run into this cooling season is short cycling, and it is not one to take lightly.

What Exactly Is Short Cycling?

When an air conditioner cools your home, despite the fact that hyperbole may dictate that your AC is running round the clock, it actually doesn’t run nonstop. Instead, it comes on when the temperature dips below a given point, runs for a full cycle, and shuts off again when the desired temperature is met. It’s a simple, effective system. When your system short cycles, though, it does not complete its cooling cycle. Instead, it starts up, runs briefly, and then shuts down again before it’s really had a chance to do its job. This puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the air conditioning system, which can lead to operational problems and repair needs, and also leaves you paying higher energy bills, as starting up over and over is far from efficient.

What Makes an AC Short Cycle?

Your air conditioner may short cycle for a few different reasons. If you have always suffered from this problem, then your AC may simply be too big for the space in which it is installed. There is no fix for this; the system will have to be replaced. However, you may also just have a faulty thermostat, which is triggering the system to shut down before temperatures are correct. You could also have a problem such as a baad run capacitor, which means that your system may not be receiving the right level of current consistently. Whatever the case may be, you can count on us to diagnose and resolve the problem successfully.

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