Is Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Worth It?

When summer hits this part of the country, it can hit pretty hard. If you are planning on cooling your home effectively and efficiently this summer, then it is absolutely necessary that you strictly adhere to an annual AC maintenance schedule. It doesn’t really matter much if you schedule this maintenance at the beginning of the cooling season or at its close—there are arguments to be made for both—so long as you are having your system maintained at least once yearly. Following are some examples of how routine air conditioning maintenance can benefit you.

Cool Your Home Efficiently…

If you keep your body in good shape, then you are going to have an easier time of, say, hiking a mountain than someone that does not practice the same self-discipline. This same theory is plain to see when discussing air conditioning maintenance. If your system is finely tuned thanks to routine AC maintenance in Holly Springs, CA, then it is going to have an easier time of handling the cooling demand put upon it. With all of its parts in great working order, your system won’t have to struggle as hard in order to cool your home, cutting down on energy expenditure.


Does your air conditioner fail to cool your entire home evenly and effectively? Can you feel hot spots as you make your way throughout the house? This should not be the case if your system used to cool your home just fine. Yes, it is possible that your system will fail to cool your home effectively and evenly if it is not of the right size for your needs, or if it was improperly installed. However, if this is a new development, poor maintenance practices may be to blame.

and Reliably.

When your air conditioner is not properly maintained, there is just no way in which you can hope for it to function as reliably as it should. Your system will not be in great working order, and this greatly increases the risk of potentially serious damages, or even a total breakdown. Protect the condition of your system, as well as your comfort, by scheduling your AC maintenance with a member of our staff.

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