Consider the Installation of an ERV

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You may not even be familiar with the term “ERV,” but you should familiarize yourself with these great systems if you are not. “ERV” stands for energy recovery ventilator, and using an energy recovery ventilator in Holly Springs, NC is a great way in which to enjoy ideal conditions inside your home. The ERV is a mechanical ventilation device, which we’ll explain a bit more below. The most important thing to tell you right off the bat is that no ERV is going to function as effectively and reliably as possible if it is not installed and serviced by a trained professional. That is why our number is the one to dial.

What Is It, and What Are Its Benefits?

With energy prices being what they are, homeowners are always looking for ways to heat and cool their homes with maximum efficiency. This makes a lot of sense, of course, but what winds up happening in many homes is that homeowners sacrifice indoor air quality for energy efficiency. We seal up our homes so tightly that it is impossible to keep the air fresh inside, as we’ve done our best to minimize natural ventilation. We certainly wouldn’t advocate for running your HVAC system with the windows open, but some natural ventilation is a must. This is where the benefits of the ERV come into play.

An energy recovery ventilator is integrated into your existing HVAC system and serves to transfer heat and to balance humidity between outgoing and incoming airstreams. During the summer months, the ERV allows you to vent cool, but dry and stale, air out of your home. This outgoing air absorbs heat from the incoming air, and humidity is exchanged as needed. In the winter, the opposite occurs, with the outgoing warm, but low-quality air being used to pre-warm the cool, fresh air. With the use of an energy recovery ventilator, you get the best of both worlds: reduced energy costs thanks to the energy recovery process, and outstanding indoor air quality as well.

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