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Should I Be Concerned About a Burning Odor?

When you run your heater, you should not hear it making excessive noise, nor should see particles blowing out of your vents and registers. Furthermore, you definitely should not be able to smell your heater as it operates. If you notice a burning odor as your heater runs, then you may have a very serious problem on your hands. There are, as with most heating problems, many potential causes of any such burning odor. Only a professional heating technician can figure out precisely what’s gone wrong in your situation. As soon as you suspect the need for any heating repairs in Cary, NC, contact a member of our team.

It May Be a Simple Situation

One common cause of burning odors when running a furnace is that some dust has built up within the system. If there is dust on your furnace’s burner assembly, and that burner ignites, then the dust will be burned off. If you only experience this burning odor the first time that you fire up your furnace after the offseason, then this could well be the cause. We still recommend that you have the situation assessed in order to rule out more serious problems, though.

It May Also Result in System Damages, or Even Safety Issues

Why do we recommend that you have any burning odor coming from your heater investigated by a trained professional? Well, the fact of the matter is that it could be indicative of potentially damaging problems. Your fan motor, for instance, may be overheating due to dirty air filters. If the filters are really clogged up, then your system is going to work harder than it should in order to force air throughout your home, resulting in the overheating of this vital component.

It could even be that you have an electrical issue that is melting wire casings and other plastic components in your furnace. This is potentially dangerous, as it’s a serious fire hazard. Make the right choice, and let us inspect your system when you smell burning while heating your home.

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