Signs of Trouble with Your Heat Pump

Capable of both heating and cooling homes for year-round comfort in one convenient package, heat pumps have a lot to recommend them. Like any other HVAC system, of course, heat pumps are not perfect. Eventually, you are probably going to encounter operational issues of some sort with your heat pump in Fuquay-Varina, NC. When you do, it is important that you have your system expertly repaired as soon as possible. To do so, you should learn to recognize potential signs of trouble with your heat pump. Review the following information, and be sure to schedule heat pump repairs with Ideal Services Heating & Cooling the moment that you suspect there is a problem. 

Stuck in One Mode

We are definitely out of the cooling season, and while daytime temperature may be comfortable, if cool, the nighttime temperatures are definitely already dipping into uncomfortable territory. If you switch your heat pump over to its heating mode, only to find that it is still blowing cool air, then you have a problem on your hands. It may be as simple as an issue with your thermostat, but your reversing valve could also be stuck. We can repair that. If you have a refrigerant leak in the valve, though, it will have to be replaced.

Icing on the System

Your heat pump may ice up from time to time, which is why it has a defrost mode on it. This can be the result of its heat transfer process. However, if your system is encased in ice, you must realize that this is not normal. A very dirty air filter may lead to some icing, as could a refrigerant leak. If your refrigerant lines are icing up, or if your system seems to be developing more ice than ever, contact us immediately.

Higher Heating Costs

Most people that use heat pumps do so because they heat so efficiently. If you notice that your heat pump is sucking up more and more electricity in its operation, contact us right away. This loss of heating efficiency could be the result of any number of problems with your system. They could potentially do some serious damage if given the chance.

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